Taipei Car Service Customer Reviews

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Thank you very much. It was great experience. I will highly recommend your service.

David S.

Jul., 2017

We are very pleased with the service your team provided and appreciate your response to the last minute changes and requests. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Jamie P.

Global Sourcing Director, Frasiapacific, Inc

Nov., 2016

I want to thank everyone for making my time in China stress free and successful. The booking process was very easy and any changes I had to make were responded to quickly and efficiently.  The drivers, Mr. Shan and Mr. Liang were very nice, provided excellent service and were very thoughtful with regard to my changing schedule. I will look forward to my next trip knowing again, that China Car Service will make my trip that much easier.

My best regards,

David B.

Marketing Consultant, Freddie Mac, USA

June., 2016

I wanted to let you know, both drivers we received have excellent customer service! We were very impressed and will recommend to our friends.  

Best Regards,

Betsy M.

Manager, IBMS, USA

Apr., 2016

Thank you very much. Mr. Qiu waited a long time for me, as my flight was over an hour late in arrival and passing through immigration was another hour. He was still right in front, very easy to find and had a lot of energy. I was very impressed and relieved to see him, and I have a very professional view of China Car Service Team. Looking forward to using your company many times during my trip to Taiwan. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Barton A.

CEO, Mliec inc, IND

Mar., 2016

A colleague recommended your service to me and I am very pleased he did.  The convenience of the service made my trip much less stressful than it could have been.  Thanks again.


Roger M.

Account Executive, Fluor, MEX

Feb., 2015

Thanks for the great service.  I plan to book again for my next trip.  It was worth it especially for the short time there. I would recommend you to anyone going there. 

Best Regards, 

Bill K.

Sales Manager, Kode, USA

Mar., 2015

Just wanted to thank you for the prompt and professional service.  Our driver was on time, professionally dressed, clean and spacious van…..everything that was advertised.  Thank you for a smooth, professional and easy experience.

Best Regards,

Greg H.

Manager, PMI, USA

Apr., 2015

My client said that his time in Taipei with the driver was the BEST excursion of his whole trip.  He was very complimentary about the service he received. 


Carol A.

Account Executive, Gambol, USA

Jun., 2015

I wanted to say thank you for the services your company did provide me. The driver who picked my family and I up at the airport was wonderful.  I will highly recommend your company to friends traveling to Taipei.


Tom M.

Account Executive, Gateware, CAN

Sep., 2015

Thank you so much for organizing this day, your driver was really excellent and your team is very professional!  

Thank you!

Esteban G.

Consultant, Reflex, Inc., BRA

Oct., 2015

Just to say thanks for the service you provided!  It was first class; the driver and tour guide were very good and we all had the best day ever. 


Jason R.

Account Executive, Brumbaugh and Associates, USA

Feb., 2015

Loved our guide – she was so friendly and planned perfectly for us.  Got to see everything around Taipei - what an incredible city.  Thanks for the efficient driver and great guide. 

Ivy M.

Department Manager, Banco Santander, AUS

Dec., 2015

I was very happy and impressed as Mr. Wang arrived spot on at 5:00AM!  It was very early and another stress free and smooth ride to the airport. The main drop off area was so crowded however Mr. Wang had the quick skills and knowledge to take us to a side entrance which was extremely helpful! I'm glad to know your services extend throughout China and when I find myself traveling in China or Taiwan again, I shall use your company.  Thank you again.

Best regards,

Masa K.

General Manager, ADP, JAP

Jan., 2015